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Small Steps That Help You Become Mindful 

Our Mission

To help people understand their thoughts & behavior's so they can feel better aligned with the decisions they make.


Our goal

"Brushing your teeth has a process. But we can't go from never brushing to brushing everyday. Habits have a process. Being Mindful is a process"



 We strive to bring awareness inside the workplace. How? By helping teams understand the mindsets of those they work with. Creating a more mindful workplace using Behavioral Science.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

How Habit's Can Lead to Mindfulness & Joy


Date: TBD

Pop-Up Events

We learn the best when we hear stories, especially real-life ones that we can relate to. You know those 'Aha' moments that make us expand and grow. If you want to know when our next event is near you please click the link below. *We will only send you info about upcoming events.

Mental Fitness

in The Workplace

Let's help your team understand how their habits are affecting their productivity and their life. Why? So they can work in a place where they are free from biases and feel united as a team.

Creating a new habit or changing your mindset does not happen over night. There are steps and processes that are specific to individuals. We come in to help Teams in Organizations understand each other. How? By helping them understand different behavior's & biases limiting them from working in a positive environment. Resulting in a more co-operative and meaningful working space. Reach out to us so to find out more!


What We Do


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Mina Movasseli

Behavioral Scientist

Graduating with Honours in Psychology, Minor in History and a Post-Grad in Behavioral Science Technology. Mina left the Health field to work in the Tech-start-up space. But after a snowmobile accident she felt called to bring it full circle and bring health into the workplace. Helping Entrepreneurs and Teams lead with strong values by being mindful of their behavior & mindset. 

*The video has real stories but the characters are made up to protect people.

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