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Are You Nervous...?!

YES, you read that correctly!

Or at least it is the same brain functions!

For example. People cannot believe that actors go up on stage and are not as nervous as they are.

But what if I told you they feel the same way as you do but they have interpreted it as them being super excited.

So what can YOU do to make sure you feel the same way as them when it’s your turn to do something and you are nervous?


Start telling yourself you are so excited to go on stage!

Brain interruption: Your old thought patterns will try to tell you how nervous you are.

Tell yourself that you are actually SUPER EXCITED to _____.

Brain interruption: old BELIEF SYSTEMS will continue to come in but you have to keep talking over it and instead of fighting with that thought you need to explain reasons why you are excited. 5 is the magic number.

(You can do less but pushing yourself to do more than what is easy is MORE LIKELY to work).

Finally, REWARD YOURSELF for doing the task!

This can be as simple as telling yourself, "I did a GREAT JOB!"

Remember this every-time you feel nervous & have to overcome something.

Don’t be hard on yourself, your brain has been programmed to protect you and flee from situations.

So give yourself time to reprogram it!

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