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"You Are Who You Hang Around With"... Why??

You are who you hang around with!

But WHY?

Whether it’s your friendship’s or your colleagues!

We hear about this phrase in books and videos all the time but did you know WHY it’s so important?

Well, If you spend time with someone on a consistent basis.

…Yes, this includes once a week.

They can have an effect on how you speak, think and behave!

It’s not for you to start blaming your behaviour’s on others.

But to become aware of how other’s can affect your day and life.

You can be as careful as you want and as positive as you want to be.

But, being around someone who is, lets say for the sake of examples, negative, can have an effect on how you perceive the world.

It might take a long time for you to start being worn down by their negative comments.

But the subconscious part of your brain is picking up what they say.

Until one day you may hear yourself saying certain words they used.

So what happens?

Well you tolerated it for so long that your brain thought you were accepting it.

And you became what you tolerated.

So be mindful who you allow in your inner circle.

No matter where that circle is.

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